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What is your Unique Business Superpower?

In a crowded marketplace, where your customers have 12 local competitors to choose from, and where the worlds shopping mall is just a website click do you stand apart? It's a foundational question to good marketing. Because if you don't answer that won't stand out in a room full of commodity.

The way you answer it is to figure out what makes you uniquely different. And then you determine if that matters. And to whom. If it does...thats your unique differentiator...and it's your ad headline, your tagline, your brand and anything else you need to get the attention of your customers.

For example: Who's the greatest superhero? The answer depends on two things.

  1. The superhero's unique superpower...and

  2. What you care about.

My favorite superhero is Batman, because his uniqueness stems from his humanity. His greatest superpower is that he doesn't have one. That's what I LOVE about him. But someone else may say The Hulk, because...I mean...who's bigger and stronger and meaner than the Hulk? If we as marketers and business owners try to make Batman super strong...or the Hulk super smart...we're focusing on the wrong things.

Different things mean different things to different people. What is your thing? And does it matter?

Here's how to figure our what your superpower is. Ask yourself this simple question:

"If my customer has to drive by my competitors location to get to mine, why would she do that?" Why would she invest the extra time, extra gas mileage, extra whatever to do a little more than is necessary to get her problem solved. In a world of equals, what is your difference worth driving for. Now you know what your customer likes about you.

But don't stop there. Now ask yourself the opposite: If my customer were to drive by my location to get the same services from my competitor, why would he do that? What is he missing or not understanding...or what is true that you need to address. Now you know what your customer may not fully understand about your services?

If there is any crossover between those two've just found your differentiator (and your competitors Kryptonite). To often, that thing you are best in the world at doing, is also the thing that many of your customers mistakenly think they can get anywhere. Figure that out, and broadcast that...and you'll be a different player in the field, with a different story to tell.

For me, the difference is that no one else has Bryan Lefelhoc on their team. Some folks will choose me over the competition because they value my personal approach, dedication to success and one on one relationship. But others don't know that. And EVERY COMPETITOR says they care more.

And so the differentiator I promote is the fact the Bryan Media specializes in "anything that you can do with a Microphone". Not too many small marketing firms have an in house studio, with copywriting expertise and can create radio ads, buy time on Spotify, run podcasts, do video voiceovers, etc. And who understand the media perfectly, so that you get great guidance from day one.

Now...tie those two together. The fact that digital audio marketing and expertise is available with an individual and personal, local, expert, caring, one to one approach...and you've got your unique differentiator that will set Bryan Media apart from the rest.

Try this with your business. One suggestion though. Don't settle for the first answer that pops into your head. If your customers can say (and even believe) the same, then your answer isn't enough. Go deeper....find something know one else can offer. It's there...otherwise you wouldn't be in business for yourself.

For more strategic tips on developing great marketing messages, or strategy please feel free to contact me at Bryan Media. I love to talk about this stuff, and never charge anything until it's time do so. Let's learn from each other first.

And of course....if you are looking for help with audio, podcasts, video voiceovers, digital radio ads, etc....well, if you've read this far then you know you've come to the right place!

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