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The Podcast

Purpose Under Pressure is a podcast that hopes to inspire your business and your life, through stories of passion, principle, and purpose.  Business leaders talk about how "Why?" is an anchor, and about the storms that rise to try to set them off course.   

Purpose Under Pressure can be found on major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Platforms and others.  Or watch it on the Purpose Under Pressure YouTube Channel

Purpose Under Pressure is brought to you by The Ruby Group/Sandler Training in Akron and Columbus, Ohio

Latest Episode

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Episode #13:  John Siuda and Brandon Clemens, Afia Wealth Management 

John Siuda and Brandon Clemens know their stuff and like to put their unique knowledge to work for their customers. Sometimes the "job" required a different approach.. 

So they struck out on their own, forming Afia Wealth Management serving their customers their way. It's not easy, but it's on purpose. And that's worth the pressure.

Purpose Under Pressure is brought to you by The Ruby Group, Sandler Sales Training in Akron and Columbus.



For more information about what I do at Bryan Media, or if you'd like to learn about being a guest on the Purpose Under Pressure podcast, reach out and let's set a time to talk.

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