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"No one cares" didn't stop Dad from talking! (Two Reasons to consider Podcasting)

Fellow parents unite. We are smart, we are useful, we are experienced. So the fact that our kids don't care to listen, doesn't mean we shut up, right? Bring on the eye rolling!!! Why do we keep talking when they aren't listening? Because we have something to say. And...because we have a right to say it! We are the parent, for crying out loud!!!

Starting your own podcast is a lot like that. "Hello, this thing on?"

There are a myriad of amazing outcomes that can come from hosting your own podcast. Generate revenue, satisfy your ego, build awareness and generate leads for your business, promote your products and services. Podcasting can do all of these things. But those aren't reasons to do it...because they may not happen.

There are two reasons to start a podcast. Just two.

1). Because you have something to say.

2). Because you can!

Making money is not a reason, it is an outcome. Same with lead generation or desires for fame. Reasons are your "why". Let's explore:

1). You have something to say. Then say it. Waiting for justification based on potential outcomes (money, leads, etc.) will kill your opportunity. What if no one is interested in what you have to say? Does that mean it's not worth saying? Of course not. Your opinions, your beliefs, your ideas...they shouldn't be kept inside. That is a slow way to give up.

Big idea here: If you take 20 minutes to speak your piece, and just one person was worth the twenty minutes. Yes. So, if it's worth it in a sales meeting or at the dinner table, then it's worth pushing record. Now...if two more people or a hundred thousand more listen, does that make your twenty minute investment any more valuable? Does that make it better? No. It doesn't. It's the same work. Folks, I don't care how many people hear it...if it's worth saying, say it!

The Mona Lisa was created once. If it would have been seen by just one admirer, would it have been any less of a painting? Any less of an expression? Would it have been worthless? Of course not. It's still the Mona Lisa. And it was worth painting, regardless of what happened next.

Reason #2: Because you can. When I was In the 11th grade, an amazing teacher said to me, "you have a decent voice and you like to use it. You should consider a career in broadcasting." I did. I went to college for it, interned for free for it, worked overnights doing it, and succeeded. But they don't pay DJs much, and so I had to give it up. But now!!! Now, I can go online and start a podcast, and I can host my own show, and I can have guests, and I can be my own boss, and I can breathe! You can too. And if you want should. Because you can!

You can do a podcast almost for free. If you want some help, Bryan Media has packages for audio or audio/video podcasts. Host your own, allow me to help. These packages allow you to plan a show, do a show, and then walk away until the next one. Bryan Media handles editing, production and getting the show online for the world to hear. It's pretty simple, pretty fun, and not too expensive.

If you are interested, let me know.

There's nothing worse than having something to say and no place to say it.

Let's fix that!

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Rob Joseph
Rob Joseph
01 Kas 2022

You make a pretty compelling case, Bryan. I'll be talking with you soon about this.

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