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Dream Clients

By this point you should know who your target audiences are. Groups of people who share commonalities in makeup, need and attributes that would make them great customers for our products and services.

But Dream Clients...that's something else. A dream client is a specific person or business you want to work with. Not someone like them, not a specific industry or vertical market. Do you have a list of them? Are you willing to put in the work to earn their business. Let's talk about that.

First, make a list.

A dream client is a specific business or buyer who would be perfect for you and your business. Just take a couple minutes and say these words: "I want to work with ..........". What name comes immediately to your head. Write it down. Now do it again. Do it five times. Do it until you don't have to think for more than two seconds to come up with another name.

Now, for each one, ask yourself why. What makes this potential client attractive to you. Does this business check the following boxes:

  • They believe in my mission

  • I believe in their mission

  • I can see what they are trying to build, and I want to help

  • I can see an missing link in their approach and I can make a difference

  • I admire their brand, and I want to be a part of it.

You can add more to that list, but notice what I didn't put in the mix:

  • They are rich

  • They can afford me

  • They are spending a ton with someone else and I want my share

  • My competition is working with them, and I can do better

  • I bet they'd be great!

See where I'm going here? A dream client is someone who you can't wait to go to work early to serve. A dream client appreciates you, but not as much as you appreciate her. A dream client wants what you have, almost as much as you want them to.

Now...go get em! Key...each dream client needs a specific strategy. Don't lump them all together into a target market. Do these things FOR EACH ONE.

  1. Learn her name, needs, interests. Do the research to know the person you want to work with. Note...what you learn may knock them off your list. That's good!

  2. Get his attention. Send a handwritten letter, drop off some cookies, intentionally show up at networking events with the sole goal being to shake his hand and say hello.

  3. Don't let go. This is key. Your dream client is worth pursuing. When he says no, realize that means "no for now", not "no forever". You don't want to be a stalker..but you don't want to run from your dreams. Dreams don't come easy. Fight for yours.

  4. Finally, deliver. When she gives you a chance, you give your all. It's not good enough just to "land" your dream client. Don't pop the cork with the signed contract.

Do you have a list of Dream Clients? You should.

For dreams to come true, you've got to dream in the first place. Who are your dream clients, and what do you need to do to build your business with them.

Dream big. Dream often. Dream on Purpose.

Bryan Lefelhoc is a 32 year marketing veteran, owner of Bryan Media Strategies. Bryan Media Strategies is a "company of one' marketing firm designed to serve small businesses with back to basics brand awareness marketing. For Brand Building Strategies, done "On Target, On Budget, and On Purpose", schedule some time to talk.

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