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Broadcasting and Narrowcasting

How tighter messaging can captivate a targeted market on a broad stage...for bigger results!

When I ask people what kind of advertising works for them, they always say "word of mouth". That's narrowcasting. One customer at a time, spreading a message of excellence and expectation. It's awesome. But it's slow.

Thus, broadcasting. Get your message in front of as many people as possible. Pay for more ears and eyeballs, in hopes that you can drive engagement faster. It's expensive, but it's fast.

And so the question can we make Narrowcasting and Broadcasting work together. How can you get the best of both worlds, and supercharge your marketing efforts, while optimizing your budget.

I'm glad you asked.

Remember the opening scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark? Indy was trying to cross a wide open room to get to the prize. He could have walked anywhere. One careless step, however, was very costly. Instead, even in a wide open space, there was one distinct path.

Step here, not there, and the gold is yours.

The key is to stay on target...even on a big stage. Laser focus your message for a few, even amongst the masses.

For example...consider podcasting. It's basically a newsletter that people can access with their ears. Here's how:

Step #1: Identify your target market.'s not "everybody". I know everyone CAN listen...but that's not a target. Figure out who you want to speak to, then craft a message that entices them. Them...not all.

Step #2: Start the podcast and promote it to your narrow base. I know anyone can listen, but you only need a few. Current customers, local community, social media friends. With help from providers who help businesses do this, like Bryan Media Strategies, you can be in business for a few hundred bucks.

Step #3. Wait. Be patient. Do the show regularly. Promote the highlights and remind your people. Remember, narrowcasting happens one customer at a time. Like a good bowl of chili or a brisket on the smoker, or word of mouth, commit to it...don't rush it. Lower your expectations and keep your eye on the prize.

Examples? Consider a local government podcast just for your local community who want to know what's going on in their town. A podcast for your students, prospective freshmen or alumni to keep them engaged. A podcast for your church? Maybe its a "testimonial" podcast where your customers brag about the great stuff they got (from you). won't challenge Joe Rogan or Oprah Winfrey for downloads. don't have to.

It's just one more tool to throw in the toolbox when you are trying to generate great and cost effective marketing.

Remember, no matter how big the stage, a single light will shine bright. Narrowcast your message on a broadcast platform. The best of both worlds!

Written by Bryan Lefelhoc. I've been a marketing/sales strategist for 32 years, with experience in broadcasting and targeted digital marketing. For more information about how podcasting might work for your target audience, call me at Bryan Media Strategies

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