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Be an "Employer of Choice"

I visited a neighborhood cafe in a North Carolina beach this weekend to get a burger. I got there at 2:15. The grill was closed by 2pm.

"No one wants to work", is what the owner told me. "And if I hire someone, they act like they're doing me a favor".

I held my tongue, but I wanted to scream..."THEY ARE!!!"

Dude, it is their market now. And if you can't open your grill for dinner, then yes...they are doing you a favor by working there!

I settled for a cold chicken salad sandwich from the cooler. I didn't go back.

Winning the hiring game is crucial, and it's a hard nut to crack, But you have to realize, employees who want to work are calling the shots.

It's a new game. "Now Hiring" yard signs don't work. "Now Hiring" billboards don't work. "Now Hiring" events don't work. Why?

Because everyone who wants to work is working.

It is evident, clear and unarguable. Employment issues are now a marketing problem. And your job as an employer is to create a brand that sets you up as an "Employer of Choice".

Why should someone leave their current job to choose yours? And why should they stay once they do? It's likely not pay. Everyone has benefits. Work from home doesn't pull many triggers anymore. So what do you have that your next employee wants. What differentiates you as an "Employer of Choice"?

I don't know...but it's my job to help you find out. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1). Why does my best employee love working here? Why has she stayed? If you don't know, ask her. Then let that be your "Help Wanted" headline.

2). What is my companies brand in the marketplace? Tell people about your company and its values, ethics and success. The well known companies who have a recognizable brand of excellence usually win the hiring game.

3). Where is your target audience right now? At work, likely. They aren't on job/recruiting sites and they aren't looking for a job. How can you create messaging that interrupts them and gives them an idea of what they might be missing. Social Media? Spotify? Career Center relationships?

4). Would you answer your current "help wanted" ad? Take an honest look. Does it look inspiring, motivating, engaging, and every other thing todays audience needs it to be? Or is it yesterday's ad?

This article isn't meant to give all of the answers. Yours are going to be different than another's. It's written to wake you up to the great opportunity that exists while everyone else is playing by yesterday's rules.

Trust me, there are people who want to work, and they may be ready to choose you. But they aren't reading your yard signs.

I have some ideas on how you might be able to improve your employment results. Let's talk.

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